So, I’ve had an epiphany…Want to know what it is?


So, I’ve had an epiphany…Want to know what it is?
After a long time developing the Mums That Tri program, I’ve decided that it is not about money. Sure, it might be the icing on the cake to pay the long list of bills I’ve incurred to date with this venture and to allow it to continue to inspire others. But the truth of the matter is: Mums That Tri is about my passion to share the opportunities, thrills, uncomfortableness (it’s a good thing, really! because it facilitates change), growth, strength & health, confidence, mindset, change and everything else that comes from committing to and participating in a triathlon. I developed the Mums That Tri program to make triathlons accessible to all mums, of any age, any shape, any fitness background.
So today, I’m putting a donation commitment out there – for every new person who joins the Mums That Tri online program from now until the end of the 2016-17 triathlon season, I will personally donate $20 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. See below for more info. Or register here now

Triathlon Pink season has started and whilst we are all preparing our bodies and mind for our race experience, I’d love to put a fun challenge out there to see how much $ we can raise for the National Breast Cancer Foundation
For EVERY person who joins the Mums That Tri online training program during Triathlon Pink 16-17 season (register here ) , I will personally donate $20 to the NBCF. YES! You enjoy the results and support from being part of the Mums That Tri community, and I’ll make the donation to the #nbcf
PLUS when you sign up for the program, you will receive a limited edition pink nail polish – especially created for Mums That Tri – just to add that extra glamour and fun for race day 😉

Please SHARE this post far and wide with anyone you think has ‘triathlon’ on their Bucket List. Or maybe, it’s not on the list, but you think it should be!

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