Mums That Tri & Every Body Tri has LAUNCHED ONLINE!

It’s here…it’s FINALLY HERE!
The complete Mums That Tri ONLINE
program is ready for you!

Call it what you will – an online program, a do-it-yourself program, a do it at home program – but there is no mistaking that this program will cover off EVERY ASPECT of doing a triathlon from that first tiny crazy idea to getting across the finish line.

And, if I’m wrong, you will have exclusive access to the private online group with other Mums That Tri online participants to ask me any question you’d like.

This program is ready for you to start NOW. Right NOW is the perfect time for you to register. Well, as mothers we all know that there is no such thing as ‘the perfect time’ so that is why you’ve just got to DO IT.

I’m hearing some of you say “But I couldn’t do a triathlon!” or “I couldn’t do a triathlon again”. Really? Really? There have been many mothers go before you that couldn’t swim, hadn’t cycled for 15+ years, could barely jog that have passed a triathlon finish line. This is NOT the Olympics. We are talking fun, friendly activity – bucket list stuff – this is something that you will never regret doing.

The triathlon season is coming up – you’ve got at least 10 or 12 weeks to theTriathlon Pink series starts (and runs until April 2017) and there are heaps of other fun events on the horizon.

This online program will give you ALL THE TRAINING TIPS you need and you can take it at your own pace, scheduling your sessions around your life, work and family. Can’t get more personalised than that.

So, please sign up now by purchasing this online program HERE.
(You’ll find all the details and what’s included on that link as well as a special offer for you).

Please, sharing is caring, especially when it comes to our health, so share this with your other mummy friends and persuade them to train and do a triathlon with you.

Do you have friends that are not mothers but would still dearly like to do a triathlon with you? NO WORRIES! I’ve also just finished writing a new unisex triathlon training program called EVERY BODY TRI. Do it ONLINE as well – it works the same way as the Mums That Tri program – but caters for men and all women. SIGN UP FOR THE EVERY BODY TRI ONLINE PROGRAM HERE.

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