The Anti-Sleeper meets Dinosnores

Did you know it is National Sleep Awareness Week this week? 

I spend a large portion of my life trying to sell the benefits of sleep to my 5 year old daughter.

I call her The Anti-Sleeper as she is totally averse to sleep. She tells me that there are far too many exciting, fun things to do to warrant being asleep. She also tells me that when she grows up, she plans on being an “artist and a builder in the daytime and a singer at night time”.

I daren’t burst her bubble to tell her that when she’s an adult, specifically if she ever becomes a mother, the idea of sleep will be completely alluring rather than agonising.


Through my unexpected nomination in the Australian Mumpreneur Awards this year, I met a lovely lady called Sherene Alfreds. She is a speech pathologist and the founder of the award winning Dinosnores sleepy stories.


Once I knew this, I was hooked to know more in the selfish pursuit of getting The Anti-Sleeper to sleep.

Sherene generously offered to provide me with some of Dinosnores stories so that I could try them on my children. {I knew having a ‘mummy blog’ would come in handy one day}.

A few days later 2 CDs came in the mail…


So what are Dinosnores? They are audiobooks or talking stories which the Dinosnores website says “take children on an imaginative journey full of sleepy little creatures (and a few snoozy big ones too)”. They are available as CDs and you can also download them from the iTunes store.

I think Dinosnores are wonderfully creative slow-paced stories that give a guided relaxation to little children that find it hard to settle down to sleep.

Right. NOW. Are you ready for my test case results?


Excitedly I tucked The Anti-Sleeper into bed and put the CD on. She loves anything new, so the Kitten story playing from the CD seemed to be momentarily distract her from the fact that I was putting her into bed.

I managed to exit the bedroom without any fuss.

I went downstairs and tidied up the kitchen, waiting, praying, crossing fingers… that…that… that I wouldn’t hear anything else from Miss 5 until morning.

I knew the story was about 20minutes long, so I was expecting to hear her call out after the 20 minute mark.

Twenty minutes passed and nothing happened. Twenty-five minutes passed.

At this point I started fist-pumping the air. Doing a dance in the kitchen. I was pretty confident that if I hadn’t heard anything from The Anti-Sleeper by now she must have crashed.

So I crept up to her bedroom. And found a scene like this:


That night I allowed myself to imagine night after night of Dinosnores and bliss. The dream of being able to tuck a child into bed and walk out of the room and have a night with some “free time”. No cramped sleeping in the bed beside her, or on the floor, or some combination of. No protracted negotiations about bedtime and all the ifs, buts, must-haves, must-do’s before sleep. (I know you are all probably thinking I’m a total softie at this point and you’d be right).

The story goes on.


We prepared for bed and I had all the excitement of a kid before Christmas as I tucked The Anti-Sleeper into bed. Before I had finished tucking she said “Mum, please don’t put that kitten story on tonight. It made me fall asleep last night, so I don’t want to listen to it.”

My illusion of her going to bed unassisted by me was unravelling before my eyes.

Thereupon I embarked on YET ANOTHER conversation with my daughter of the importance of sleep. I decided to tell it to her straight: “Yes, the Dinosnores kitten story did make you fall asleep and that actually is EXACTLY what it’s meant to do. It was made to help children like you to relax and calm your mind and go to sleep”.

She pondered on that for a moment. Then said “OK, put it on”.

20 minutes later she was asleep AGAIN. Booyah!


Night 3 went like this: “Mummy, I know the Dinosnores kitten story is meant to help me fall asleep but I just really, really want you to be with me when I fall asleep. I get lonely by myself. I don’t think it’s fair that you get to go to bed with daddy and I have to go to bed by myself.”

The softie in me couldn’t possibly argue with that – so since then I have become well accustomed to listening to Dinosnores while we BOTH fall asleep!

Whilst my initial dreams were not met of The Anti-Sleeper going to sleep without me having to do anything (surely it’s reasonable that a mother doesn’t need to do anything for her child to spontaneously fall asleep?!! Please do NOT talk to me if you have one of those children that marches themselves to bed unassisted by you); I cannot deny the fact that the Dinosnores work a charm if you have a child willing to listen to them.  And they are such cute stories that I’m sure most children would enjoy listening to them.

Do you have an anti-sleeper in your household?

Learn more about Sleep Awareness Week at the Sleep Health Foundation – click here.

***Note to Readers: I was given 2 Dinosnores CDs as a gift. I can promise you I will never write about anything on my blog that I don’t personally endorse as a beneficial and worthy product worth mentioning. I get many requests each week from random people asking me to review their products, and 99% I reject. In almost 2 years I have only written a handful of product reviews and I always endeavour to keep them relevant to my blog. This is because this blog is my hobby, my creative outlet. It’s not meant to be a sales pitch, it’s just me writing stuff and putting it out there on the world wide web.

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