Chicken pox and random home organisation

What do you need to force you to stay at home to finally get on with those home organisation things on your To Do List?

For me, it was a week of quarantine as my two daughters AND MYSELF had chicken pox. (As a side note: just because your children have been immunised and you have had chicken pox as a child, does not mean you are immune to chicken pox. So I found out.)


There was a lot of stuff to be done at home. Starting with finding a place to put the girls’ backpacks and lunchbox cooler bags. They bug the hell out of me – they are too big to fit in drawers; we don’t have any cupboards to hang them; I can’t stand them lying on the floor around the kitchen; and I was over hanging them on the window winder arm. So. I bought one of those “Tidy Books” wall hanging organiser things. I’m trying to prepare myself for the avalanche of extra stuff to remember when Miss 5 starts school next year.

Now, I have this.


Aaahh. Everytime I see it, with the bags neatly hanging on the hooks, it makes me calm. Silly, huh? But, I’m telling you. Calm. So very calm.


A bit of cooking was done. Some good, some not so good. I’m doing lots of experimental baking trying to figure out how to make some of the family’s favourite recipes gluten and dairy free so that Miss 3 can eat them.


To keep things positive – I like this saying. My baking disasters were not mistakes, just variations.


One thing I was glad to try was recording myself while reading books to the kids and burning it onto a CD. I’ve been meaning to do this for years to give myself a break at bedtime. Miss 5 has been listening to the CD at night so that I can use the time to clean up the kitchen or whatever {insert: flop on my bed, exhausted, shut my eyes very tight and pray to God that Miss 5 falls asleep by herself in the immediate future}. Whilst the CD keeps her company for a little bit and gives me a mini-break, unfortunately my prayers have not been answered on the falling-to-sleep-unassisted front.


Do you have a partner that likes to leave loose change all over the place? Freaking annoying! Finally, I put all the loose change into a pencil case for my husband to use as his car meter parking for when he goes surfing. Geez, they sting you with the parking meters at Manly!


OK. Pay attention. Here is something you won’t believe. Within 48 HOURS of my husband putting this pencil case full of coin in the glove box of his car, someone BROKE INTO THE CAR AND STOLE IT. Whilst his car was parked IN OUR DRIVEWAY. Really? Seriously? CAN YOU FREAKING BELIEVE THAT? I will admit that I live in complete naivety that all people in my neighbourhood are decent, non-stealing folk. Knowing that someone has walked up our driveway, opened my husband’s car, rummaged around in it and stolen things (more than just the coin, mind you)… this really p#$ses me off. The whole friendly neighbourhood thing has just been tarnished.


Moving onto sunnier things. Let’s get that bad taste out of my mouth.


Whilst in quarantine, I managed to visit the front of our house in a miraculous moment of sunshine. Sadly, only for the purpose of putting the garbage bins in and out. The best bit? This surprise.


This Kangaroo Paw looked like it was half dead during winter. NOW it has started flowering. Clearly it has been enjoying the non-stop rain. I LOVE this stuff. I get so much joy looking at plants and flowers. I’m no green thumb – if it doesn’t survive on neglect, it won’t get much of a start in my garden – but I could spend all day wandering around a nursery.


Truthfully? I’ve got to say our chicken pox experience was not all that bad at all. Some fevers and cranky moments but at the core, it was one week of three girls together in a house. We did puzzles and drawing and dancing and cuddles. Yeah, sure, I had more than one moment of claustrophobia but when I turned my head one day to watch my poxy girls watching TV, this is what I saw:



The icing on the cake for our quarantine was the day that Miss 5 came to me with this picture, saying “Mummy, I drew this picture of an egg cooking in a pan to say thank you for looking after me while I have chicken pox.” SERIOUSLY. One of the best mum moments ever. It’s as simple as that. {I must remember that when I’m battling Miss 5 to bed tonight}.


Have you had chicken pox? What about your children? How did it all go?

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