What does the Easter Bunny bring to your home?

In years gone by the Easter Bunny has brought art and craft, beautiful books, crockery sets, cuddly toys. That Easter Bunny is so clever!


I particularly love the (on theme) books the Easter Bunny chooses to bring and the funny notes the Easter Bunny writes on the inside cover.  Every time these books are read, their origins are revisited and it’s lots of fun.


The Easter Bunny must have so much fun trawling book shelves to find just the right book for the girls (seriously, it is fun – book shops are one of my favourite places!).

Miss 5 yo is a detail freak (I so don’t know where she gets that from) and this year she is very concerned that the Easter bunny might forget that Miss 3yo is gluten and dairy intolerant.
So she came up with an idea to label the bunny baskets to ensure the right type of chocolate found its way into the correct basket.


Just as well dairy-free, gluten-free chocolate is now commercially available, I’m sure that really helps the Easter Bunny out.
I think the Easter Bunny will agree that the portion size of the little “Sweet William” easter bunnies are a sensible choice for Miss 3yo.
Just a few will do Easter Bunny! She’s only three remember and nutrition is so important for brain and body development at this age!


(Personally, I think it should be illegal to sell supersize chocolate eggs for children in a society that has obesity problems. As an aside, do you know what the top 3 causes of disease are in Australia? The things that caused the most health problems? Smoking, high blood pressure and being overweight/obese. Click here for the source.)

Some years ago the Australian easter egg consumption was 11,000 tonnes. God knows what it will be this year. Read this article and I dare you not to feel sick at the thought of eating some of those eggs.

I’m not against chocolate. I’m against excessive chocolate and I believe the line of how much chocolate a child gets at Easter keeps getting pushed out.
I mean, what 3 year old child needs a half-kilo chocolate egg for Easter? Let alone a 12kg egg like this one:


Reign it in people, reign it in! Let’s go for quality over quantity this Easter and enjoy chocolate in a balanced fashion.

What non-chocolate, non-junk things has the Easter Bunny brought in your home?

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