Make fibre your new best friend – everything will change for the better

NOW is the day to make friends with fibre, and I hope it become a new life-long friend. And I mean, really, really good friends for a lifetime of happiness and wellbeing.

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Why eat fibre? Oh, there are so, so, so many reasons why fibre should be at the top of your priority list when it comes to health. There is so much talk about protein and low GI and carbs and sugar and the trillion other confusing things about weight loss and healthy living, but fibre is often overlooked in the conversation. NOT ANYMORE!

Dietary fibre is imperative for regular bowel movements, regulating blood sugar levels, can improve cholesterol, makes you feel fuller for longer which helps with weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight, can prevent some diseases like bowel cancer, diabetes and heart disease. And more. Click here for a summary from the Mayo Clinic. 

But guess what?
Studies have shown that most Australians only eat about half the recommended fibre intake.

What is the daily intake recommendation?
At least 25g for females and 30g for males.

Use your food diary to record your food and have a go at calculating how much fibre you are eating each day.

To get you thinking, here is a simple table showing fibre amounts in certain foods:

Sources of fibre 
Food Serving size Fibre content
Wholemeal pasta 1 cup 7.9g
Carrot (skin on) 1 cup 6.9g
Kidney beans 100g 6.5g
Corn 1 medium cob 5.9g
Rolled oats 1/2 cup 4.5g
Wholemeal biscuit 2 biscuits 4.2g
Broccoli (skin on) 1 cup 3.8g
Lentils 100g 3.7g
Sweet potato (skin on) 1 cup 3.7g
Brown rice 1 cup 2.7g
Almond 30g (25 almonds) 2.6g
Dried apricot 30g (5 dried apricots) 2.5g
Wholegrain bread 1 slice 2.4g
Banana 1 medium 2.3g
Apple 1 medium 2.2g
Psyllium husk 1 tablespoon 2.2g
Popcorn (air popped) 1 cup 1.2g

Produced by Nutrition Australia Victorian Division, October 2014.

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