Lunch box ideas – take 2 – healthy, easy, school lunches for children

For those of you who follow the Mum Tricks facebook page, you will know that I love the bento style lunch box. You will also know that I’m an advocate for “eating a rainbow” when it comes to nutrition – ensuring kids get foods of different colours and a balanced diet. Bottom line: lots of unprocessed food, keep up the vegetables and fruit and fibre. Add some carbohydrates and protein. There is no need to add sugar.

Here are some of the latest lunches and snack boxes coming out of our kitchen…


Berries, kiwi fruit, cucumber, capsicum, carrot, watermelon, hommus, ham, rice crackers. This is a dairy-free and gluten-free lunchbox.

Here is Miss 4yo eating at preschool.


This one had strawberries, rockmelon, capsicum, cucumber, celery, homemade “magic bean” mini cakes (chocolate and red kidney bean cakes), flat rice bread and ham wraps.


A snack box – this one’s not rocket science.


This snack box was a bit fancier – but still its just raw vegetables and fruit.

And a bit fancier still with edamame (soy beans):



Miss 4 having a snack box at her elder sister’s athletics carnival.

Yes, these lunches have a fair bit of chopping involved, but if there is one thing I believe you can’t cut corners in, it is our the nutrition of our children.

When it comes to hydration for kids, it’s water, water, WATER. I have one child that drinks so much it’s a problem because we are visiting the toilet every minute, and another child that requires me to be creative to remind her to drink… Hence this message was necessary in her school lunch box the other day!


So there are a few ideas that I hope can inspire you with our mundane lunch packing duties 😉

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