Get ready to cut the crap! Free offer – join us.

cut the crap

Time to saddle up my friends and get ready to cut the crap!

I hope you have all downloaded your free copy of Cut The Crap handbook & diary for the next 7 days. If not, CLICK HERE!! Use coupon code CTCfree when checking out – offer expires 7/7/16 so jump on it now!

Print it off straight away and stick it on your fridge, or in your handbag or on your kitchen bench. Just make sure it’s read and close to hand for you to record your food. Writing down what you eat is one of the best ways to monitor what is actually going in your mouth! Most people underestimate how much food they actually eat – it’s called the ‘eye-mouth gap’ !  And when you see a whole day’s food intake written down, it gives you a good chance to consider whether you are hitting all your food groups with the right balance.

The main aim of this game (the next 7 days) is to avoid crappy food and eat more fibre.

Step 1 is to get rid of the crappy food in your house. Throw it away, give it to someone to hide, do what you will with it – but if you know where it is in your house, chances are you will eat it. So DON’T have crap in your house!!

Step 2 is to figure out how to get more fibre into your meals. Every meal – think “where is the fibre”? Fibre needs to become your new best friend. I’ll get into more detail on why you need to get on board the fibre-train another day. Right now, just make a concerted effort to boost your fibre intake. Eg extra serve of fruit, extra serve of salad, extra serve of vegetables, add beans (to almost everything!), add lentils, add All-bran, choose higher fibre options for cereals and breads, choose wholegrains/wholemeal over white everything (flour, oats, rice, crackers etc etc)

So get started on Step 1 and Step 2 above – a bit of reorganising, shopping, meal planning may be necessary.

Please share the crap cutting and fibre eating love with your friends!
The CTCfree coupon code expires on 7 July – so they still have time to grab the free download and join in on this fun 😉

Also please share your meal pics, thoughts, feelings, etc – let’s try to support each other through these 7 days to fight off those persistent crappy food cravings!

Where can you share? Choose one or more of these:

Don’t forget to tag @elisharosecom and use #cutthecrap

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