Frozen Fruit – 3 Ways – Sorbet, Ice blocks and cocktail

This Sunday afternoon I invented the most amazing 3 things with the same batch of food (plus a spike of gin for my personal version). Well, I’m sure some clever dick has invented these things before me, but still, I’m fairly chuffed and had to share…

It all started with the need to come up with a healthy afternoon treat for the girls. The weather’s been very summer-like today, so frozen fruit seemed the thing to do.

I always have a stock of frozen fruit in the freezer – it’s a perfect ‘go to’ for smoothies and “ice cream” which, in our house, is just blended frozen fruit.


Frozen pineapple, frozen watermelon, frozen raspberries, cup of coconut water and banana (frozen or not, whatever).

(Frozen mango is amazing too and if you are looking for a creamier ice cream rather than sorbet style, go for frozen mango and frozen banana together).

We use a Thermomix for blending frozen fruit. I’m not a thermo rep, but will say that the Thermo is the first blending appliance we haven’t broken blending things (clearly we put our blenders under pressure!).


Blend up the fruit.


Blended frozen fruit in our thermomix.

Serve straight away in a dish with a spoon. YUMMO. The kids go mad over this. And it’s 100% fruit – no sugar, all the fibre still there. Perfect sweet treat.


SECOND OPTION – Ice blocks

Put some of the left over in a glass for OPTION 3 (below), and put the rest in ice block containers to freeze for another time.



THIRD OPTION – Refreshing cocktail

I  blend up the reserved remaining fruit mixture with a spike (or two) of alcohol. I’ve chosen gin.


I also added some fresh mint.


Cheers! This went down SO WELL.

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