Cut The Crap & Eat More Fibre – FREE 7 day food challenge

Here we go! #cutthecrap

7 days. Yes, just seven. Start with me on Monday 4th July; get a head start and start now, or start whenever you can. No judgment – just your own self setting yourself your own personal goal to enjoy your own personal satisfaction (whatever that is).

What am I talking about?!

I’m talking about a 7 day food challenge. I call it “Cut out the crap and eat more fibre”. And it is exactly how it sounds.

For 7 days, try to eat more fibre and less crap. This means more vegetables, more fruit, more wholefoods, less processed food.

As a general rule, the more us humans interfere with food, the more crappy it is. This is called “HIF” – Human Interference Factor. We like to make food convenient by processing it, adding preservatives, adding sugars and salts, packaging it.. the result is a crappy one. If you mostly aim to avoid foods like this, your body and mind will thank you for it a trillion times over.

So, what do you need to get started?

Here’s the best bit: I’ve put together the prettiest little handbook for this 7 day challenge, and I’m giving it away to you for free!

Click here to get your FREE 7 Day Cut The Crap Food Challenge handbook.
This link will take you to my website. All you need to do is add this item to your ‘basket’, put in the COUPON CODE CTCfree and you will be instantly emailed your Cut The Crap ebook and Food Diary for your 7 day challenge!
Your FREE coupon code will be active until 7 July 2016 – so you’ve got the whole week to organise yourself to find 60 seconds to get your free handbook & food diary. But, there’s no reason to wait. Do it now, so you’ve got it ready for when you start!

Please share the love of crap cutting with your friends and family… pass this email on and lets get a tribe of us involved for 7 days of feeling awesome (once we’ve gotten over our emotional issues with crap addiction). It may not be easy, but you will feel FABULOUS and you should feel chuffed with yourself for putting your health first.

Please DO share your Cut the Crap journey with the rest of us! Post your food pics or thoughts on instagram with hashtag #cutthecrap and tag me @elisharosecom and also on our Facebook pages – andMums That Tri by tagging @elisharosecom or @mumsthattri

P.S. Remember – you’ve got 7 days to grab your free handbook – your CTCfree coupon code expires on 7 July 2016, so click here to grab your pretty free food diary and Cut The Crap handbook now.

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