Triathlon Training & Nutrition Manual – Every Body Tri (Printed version)

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Printed and delivered to your door – this will be your new favourite book to read. Full of tri advice, training tips, technique for all 3 sports and more.

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Triathlon Training & Nutrition Manual  – Every Body Tri [78 Pages]

  • Hard cover, printed and spiral bound.
  • A must-have for all tri-ers!
  • Reflect on your tri-journey, record your training, try the 7-day food challenge, and get up to date with tri-talk with the Triathlon Lingo resource.
  • PLUS essential technique tips for running, cycling, swimming, strength training exercises, insider triathlon tips, race day check list, triathlon equipment list, training tips from a physiotherapist and MORE!!

Breakdown of what’s included:

  • Running Technique Guide
  • Swimming Technique Guide
  • Cycling Technique Guide
  • Strength Training Exercises
  • Insider Triathlon Tips
  • Race Day Checklist
  • Triathlon Equipment List
  • Training Tips from a Physiotherapist
  • The 7-Day Food Challenge
  • Triathlon Lingo Guide
  • Reflection Journal Pages
  • Record your training pages
  • Weekly Training Plan sample
  • Triathlon Distances guide
  • Frequently Asked Questions


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