Running, Cycling, Triathlon Belt Belt with Pocket and toggles for race bib number

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Sports belt with pocket. Can be used for cycling, running, walking, triathlon and multi-sport events. Holds smartphones – even stretches fine to fit the larger iPhone Plus. With toggles to hold race bib numbers. Fabulous streamline and discrete design.

This is a game changer for carrying money, phone, little knick knacks while being out and about.



These belts are easy do-up clip with a zip pocket and reflective safety squares. They are great quality and excellent value. They provide an easy way to wear your race bib number for sports events like fun runs, marathons, triathlons – simply attach the race bib number to this belt and clip the belt around your waist. It saves you having to safety-pin your race bib number onto a t-shirt.

Other brands are charging up to $50 for a pocket belt (and I don’t think they have all the attributes this one does). So this is an exceptional price for this streamline Tri belt with pocket and toggles for holding race number.

Can also be used for cycle training, running and walking. Holds an iPhone – even the larger Plus iphone models fit in the pocket.

2 colours available: black or black with pink details.

Adjustable straps to fit all waist sizes.


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Black, Pink/Black


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