Tri-spiration – Mums That Tri eBook

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Tri-spiration – Mums That Tri eBook

This is a book telling stories of real mums living in your world, having to do all those zillion things that a mother has to do, that have also become triathletes. Fast or slow, short or long course, it doesn’t matter: they all have something in common – they have committed, persisted and crossed the finish line in a triathlon.

I hope their comments inspire you and provide you with motivation and courage to continue your tri-journey, because you will not regret it.

For me, doing triathlons is a deliberate lifestyle choice to lead an active life, just outside my comfort zone. As it’s been said: the magic happens just outside the comfort zone. And triathlons certainly keep me feeling alive!



*This product is a digital book, as a downloadable PDF file


Tri-spiration – Mums That Tri eBook

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