Tri-Key – Complete Triathlon Training Package

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The key to continuing a successful, fun triathlon journey

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The key to a fun and successful triathlon journey
This key is a USB packed with training tips, technique guides, nutrition, videos of live training sessions AND MORE. You get 8GB of valuable tri training materials that has taken over a year and cost thousands of dollars to create. This is everything you need in preparing for your next triathlon.


This exclusive package includes:

– An Eating Plan from Australia Lifestyle Medicine Association
– Cut The Crap Food Challenge eBook
– Equipment Checklist
– Guide For Time-Poor Mums eBooks
– Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Seminar
– Physiotherapist Training Tips eBook
– Running Technique eBook
– Strength Programs Technique eBook
– Swimming Technique eBook
– The Housework Workout eBook
– Training Journal & Nutrition Diary
– TriLingo eArticle
– Tri Mindful Colouring Page
– Tri-Spiration eBook
– Why Do I Tri – Reflective Journal
– Triathlon Pink Oct 2015 Insider
– Elisha Rose Interview with Iron Tush
– Live Run Training Session
– Live Swim Training Session 1
– Live Swim Training Session 2
– Strength Workout Training Video Weeks 1-4
– Strength Workout Training Video (Cardio Weights) Weeks 5-8
– Tri Brick TrainingSession Cycle and Run with Iron Tush & Elisha Rose
– Triathlon Transition Training


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