Elastic Shoe Laces

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These laces are perfect when doing a triathlon or running event, as it saves you the trouble of tying your shoes.



Elastic laces = game changer.

For triathlon training, triathlon racing, general walking and running – for both adults and kids.

Save time and get a comfy fit using these elastic laces (no more shaky hands tying laces in transition during triathlon race!).

Available in various colours!

Step 1
Take out old laces


Step 2
Thread through elastic laces


Step 3

Thread one black round clip onto lace ends for each shoe


Step 4
Put foot into shoe and tighten up. Cut off excess ends (but be careful
– don’t cut it too short!)


Step 5
Put lace ends in black clip as shown. Fold clip over to seal ends.

Step 6

Voila! Elastic laces ready for action. Tuck black clip under top lace
if you wish to hold it down.


The Guarantee

If I wouldn’t wear it or I wouldn’t use it, I wouldn’t sell it.

I’ll open up here: I’m of the A Type personality and somewhat OCD(!). This means a lot of thought and consideration and research goes into my decisions.

Every single one of the products on online shop has been hand picked and personally tested by me.

I guarantee each and every product as being one of the best value, and best looking (!) in their field.

If you buy one of the products and are unhappy with it, tell us and we will refund 100% of the money. And you don’t even have to return the item. I won’t be happy if you are not happy (I’m not good at letting go), so it’s really important to me that I know everyone is satisfied with their purchase.

Best Regards
Elisha guarantee

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Aqua Blue, Black, Blue/Black, Green, Green/Black, Grey/White, Orange/Black, Pink, Pink/Black, Pink/Blue, Pink/White, White, Yellow/Black


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