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Mums That Tri is a training program for mothers that want to try a triathlon, or continue with their tri-journey.


Mums That Tri is a training program for mothers that want to try a triathlon, or continue with their tri-journey. It’s about:

  • doing something you’ve always wanted to try (tri!)
  • tri-ing something you may never thought was possible
  • surprising yourself with what you CAN do if you just try
  • inspiring your family and living a fuller, healthier, thrilling life.

This unique program will provide you with training manuals (digital format for instant download), workout videos (available for online viewing), and a private support community of like minded triathlon mums who have also registered for this online Mums That Tri program.

What makes the Mums That Tri program unique? (Other than the fact that there is no other triathlon program specifically for mothers that we know about…)

  • Truly flexible, supportive, fun training program to prepare you for your first triathlon OR to improve your triathlon results
  • Training program created by exercise experts and mothers
  • WE KNOW how to get you the best results with minimal time and WE UNDERSTAND the juggle of motherhood!
  • Surprise yourself and inspire your children
  • Learn all the tri tips and tricks from Australian age group World Triathlon Championship representative & mother, Elisha Rose

How does the program work?

  1. Once you’ve completed your registration (buy adding this product to your cart and checking out with payment) , you will receive all the training manuals in digital format for instant download.
  2. You will be able to read through these at your own pace. You can choose the order in which you which to read the manuals, depending on your strengths and concerns.
  3. You will be be granted 12 months membership to the private online discussion forum with other participants of the Mums That Tri program (moderated through a closed Facebook group). There are many benefits of being part of this tri-mum-community:


  • You may find another mum living in your neighbourhood doing the program and you may choose to meet up to do a workout together!
  • You can post questions and get quick answers from other participants as well as exercise experts and triathletes, including Elisha Rose.
  • Ongoing tri support and inspiration will be shared in this group for you
  • You will receive invitations to special workout sessions hosted by Elisha Rose and other exercise experts
  • You will receive VIP offers to be part of team tents hosted by Mums That Tri at certain triathlons and other sporting events.

SPECIAL OPTION: Why not grab a beautifully designed and printed training manual – yes, paper(!). Here is your SPECIAL OFFER: after receiving your login details from purchasing the “Mums That Tri Online Triathlon Training Program”, LOGIN and you can purchase a this motivation and pretty printed Mums That Tri training manual for only $9.50 (usually $14.95) by entering code: MTTjournal in checkout.

As an online program, this will require you to be self-motivated. This doesn’t mean that you won’t find a tri-buddy (if you want one), but it does mean that the onus is on you to read the training manuals and watch the videos. Hopefully a group of us will always meet up at race day at the Mums That Tri tent and we can share the finish line victory happiness together!

We are here to support you and answer your questions during your tri-journey through the private Facebook group.


What you get:

In addition to all the above, for your $139 investment, you will receive:


Digital training manuals including:

Mums That Tri Online Program

Mums That Tri Training Journal with sample weekly training programs

Essential Triathlon Equipment list

Frequently Asked Questions (eg What do I wear? What type of bike should I ride?)

Swimming Technique

Cycling Technique

Running Technique

Guide on how to make time for exercise for Time-Poor Mums

Cut the Crap & Eat More Fibre Food Diary

Physiotherapist Training Tips

Strength Programs (results driven and very effective)

Strength Exercise Technique – safe and correct form

The Housework Workout

Triathlon Lingo

Tri-Spiration – a highly inspiring book with stories from previous Mums That Tri-ed

Race day checklist and nutrition tips


You will also be able to view the following training videos :

Triathlon Transition Training Session with Elisha Rose

Insider tips from Triathlon Pink, October 2015

Interview with Ironwoman Ntasha Gerebzoff “Iron Tush”

Brick training workout with Iron Tush and Elisha Rose (indoor cycle & run)

Live Run Training Session

Live Swim Training Session 1

Live Swim Training Session 2

Strength Training Workout 1

Strength Training Workout 2



Happy Tri training and I hope to chat with you soon on the Mums That Tri facebook group for participants like yourself 😉


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