My Favourite Things – Episode 1


I adore art of every kind and love to dabble in it myself from time to time. It’s been some time since I last painted – This is a 2005 canvas I painted, inspired by some of the Northern Beaches in Sydney. 

I have started a new blog series called ‘My Favourite Things’.  These are episodes talking about my hobbies, projects, lifestyle choices and things that I view as my favourites. Here’s my chance for me to share a few of my favourite things!

Art is something that lies close to my heart. My extraordinary grandmother was an artist – specialising in porcelain painting – and I’ve always loved the experience of being absorbed by art. The endless creativity of people is something that truly inspires me.

It has been a while since I last painted. These days art is usually done by my children in our house. But I’m thinking now it might be time for me to let my creativity fly again with some painting of some sort!

Please share your favourite art piece with me – or comment on your favourite hobby – perhaps we can inspire each other 😉



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