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Brought to you by mother and triathlete: Elisha Rose

Triathlon Pink April 2016

Receive all the triathlon material and technique guides you need to be able to complete your first triathlon + a fantastic, fun and supportive community of mums who will share your journey with you!

Triathlon Pink April 2016

Get inspired and start training now with the Mums That Tri Online Program.

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  • Truly flexible, supportive, fun training programs to improve your triathlon results OR to prepare you for your first triathlon
  • Training programs created by exercise experts and mothers – WE KNOW how to get you the best results with minimal time and WE UNDERSTAND the juggle of motherhood!
  • Surprise yourself and inspire your children
  • Learn all the tri tips and tricks from age group winning triathlete & mother, Elisha Rose

Mums That Tri – Online Training Program

Start your training NOW through joining the entire Mums That Tri training program (video workouts on Downloadable files as well as all training ebooks and optional physical material). This is a perfect option for those that live further away from Sydney and/or want the comfort and convenience of starting their training from home – at a time that suits you. Stay motivated by being a part of the “secret” Mums That Tri Facebook group, where you can connect with all the mums that are doing the same program. JOIN THE ONLINE PROGRAM AND COMMUNITY HERE

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What do the mums think about Mums That Tri?



“Loved, loved, loved it Elisha! You are a wonderfully generous & inspiring person and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you so much!”



“I feel much fitter. I particularly feel that my endurance has improved. I feel stronger and can see that I physically look stronger… I feel proud of myself that my strength and fitness are improving and I am working towards a new physical and mental challenge.

I think Mums That Tri has been the perfect formula to not only get me started with strength and fitness training, but keep me motivated to continue as the further the weeks progress, the closer the Tri is and the greater the pressure to improve!



“When I was first asked to do a triathlon with my friend, I initially thought “no way!”. Not in my wildest dreams could I get myself to swim, let alone get on my rusty, unused bike…but…Elisha, you are amazing! Thank you for all the tips and inspiration. It feels pretty cool to say that I have achieved something that I never thought was possible”.



“The Mums That Tri program has given me the confidence to effect change…which is great for long term sustaining of the momentum… Half way through I had already lost 5kg…the group nature of the training and use of social media has been really good…I really enjoyed exercising with the other mums. By the end of the program, I had lost almost 8 kg.”



“A big Thank you Elisha. I had a great time and I can’t wait to continue the journey. What an experience. Loved every minute of it.”



“I have loved how you have addresses all aspects of training for the Tri – swim, bike, run, transition, nutrition strengthening etc.” 



“The program has helped me focus on aspects of training I wouldn’t have done at this time. I feel stronger and fitter. I can run more, ride further and have general strength in lifting, moving. I have more energy to be active with kids and also at the gym! I feel better about myself.”


Rachel Pink Tri oct 2015 photoMum Elisha Pink Tri Oct-311


“The Mums That Tri program has allowed me to find my drive for running which has definitely come back. It no longer feels such a hard slog with my brain battling my body.

I think you have done an amazing job in putting the program together. I think there is a future in the program continuing bringing more women into the world of Triathlons.”


“The Mums That Tri program has motivated me to get out and exercise more, to try bike riding “on the road” and get back into swimming.
My most favourite group session was the swimming squad. It was a fun group opportunity to meet others and informative with the swimming techniques…My running pace has got quicker YAY!
I feel better in myself. Happier with how I am. And I am feeling way more energetic and stronger.
All in all, the program has been a great incentive to get up and do something that I was not going to do by myself. Thank you!!!!


“The Mums That Tri program has most definitely changed my lifestyle for the better. I am enjoying life more, making my health (& therefore my mind) a priority, I’m generally happier & wanting to spend more time outdoors. I feel really proud of myself for getting this far and conquering lots of ‘cant’s’…Thanks for all the generousity and inspiration, it has been a wonderful thing to be part of…Sometimes it’s challenging to juggle schedules with the kids as my husband is training too, but we are doing it and both feeling better for it.”



“Elisha, your positivity, generosity, humility and enthusiasm have been greatly appreciated. I have really enjoyed this MTT program.”
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