Is this the most unique tri-gift ever?

Exclusive offer – limited edition “I TRI therefore I AM” pink nail polish

Because it’s meant to be fun.

Hi friends,

Join the Mums that Tri or the Every Body Tri triathlon training program and receive a FREE unique tri-gift: a bottle of pink nail polish customised with the quote “I TRI therefore I AM”. Especially made by Say It With Polish for, this quality nail polish is 100% animal cruelty free and nasty chemical free.

For only $129, joining one of the Mums that Tri or the Every Body Tri triathlon training programs will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make in yourself – you’ll receive a complete set of training guides, including insider triathlon tips and technique on swimming/cycling/running, as well as workout videos and MORE (VALUED AT OVER $300!) – and is provided to you in a flexible, convenient online format.

PLUS you will also gain 12 months VIP membership to the online discussion forum where you can tri-chat and be inspired by other like-minded people who are also doing the Mums that Tri or the Every Body Tri program. Through this online forum, I will personally provide training tips, workout ideas, ongoing motivation, and I’ll be there to answer all your questions about anything triathlon. JOIN NOW by clicking on one of the program names:
Every Body Tri (especially created for everybody – women and men of any age) or
Mums that Tri (especially created for mothers) 

Have you got your sights on any Triathlon Pink events? If so, this is exactly what you need to do it with style and show your support for breast cancer!

Elisha Rose
Founder of Mums That Tri, Every Body Tri &

P.S. The Mums that Tri and Every Body Tri training programs are not for the performance triathlete. It’s not about shaving off seconds in a negative run split, or doing flying leap mounts onto your time trial bike out of transition, or looking ripped in a compression lycra tri-suit. No, NO, NOOOOOO. These triathlon programs are about making exercisepurposeful and fun. About embedding active habits into our lifestyle. About injecting somepassion and challenge into our lives. About feeling the strength in our bodies and our minds come with ongoing training. It’s about investing in our health – in the one body and one brain that we have – when you invest in yourself like this, that’s when you reap the rewards of self-confidence, weight loss, posture, strength, energy and wellbeing. You will improve your triathlon results with the Mums that Tri and Every Body Tri training programs, but the finishing time is not the end-all (and I say that with full conviction, even though I’m about to fly to Mexico to compete in the World Triathlon Championships). If you only focus on the end result, you miss the journey, and it’s our ability to immerse ourselves in the journey that will carry us through to the finish line – and re-motivate us to choose our next challenge once we’ve crossed it.

P.P.S. So, please, I’m waiting for you to come join me and the fun ladies & men in our Every Body Tri program, and the fun mums in our  Mums that Tri program. Join by clicking on those links. When you join, put in code PINKNAILS and you’ll be posted out your limited edition I TRI therefore I AM nail polish valued at $20 😉

P.P.P.S Might I be so bold to ask you to please forward this onto your friends? Take the lead to inspire them to go on a tri-journey with you. Nothing like a training buddy to keep us on target!

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