Goodnight iPad by Ann Droyd : Book Review

Browsing a store the other week, I came across this book.

If you didn’t already know, I’ve got an addiction with books. That’s why I have a whole menu on my Mum Tricks website dedicated to books

I love dry witty humour, and am a sucker for parodies. So of course I bought this book.

The back cover claims the book to be “For parents and children alike, here is a modern bedtime story about bidding our gadgets goodnight. Don’t worry, though. They’ll be waiting for us, fully charged, in the morning”.

ha ha ha

The author, Ann Droyd, says she herself has been trying to unplug for at least 15 years. She says that in this book she “…sing(s) the praises of powering down, at least for one night, in hopes I might convince myself to do the same”.

If you’d like to watch the You Tube video of this book, click here.

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