When I realised that it was time for my coffee machine to go.

I love my coffee. Like, really love my coffee.

When my 6 year old compact, manual coffee machine stopped working I spent considerable time looking for a replacement. I couldn’t find anything that was small and non-electronic, other than the coffee-pod machines.

I started using an Aldi coffee-pod machine.


Oh, so neat and tidy! Oh, so compact and shiny!

But you know what? It’s actually bullshit.

Whilst I was using this coffee machine, I was turning my head to the environmental nightmare of all the millions of plastic coffee pods ending up in landfill. I continued my consumeristic coffee addiction and bought my own stash of plastic coffee capsules.

I told the voice in my head to shut the f$*k up. “Throwing a few plastic coffee pods in the bin is fine”, I replied. “Don’t you know that I compost?”. Surely that makes up for my plastic pod contribution to landfill? It all kind of equals out, doesn’t it?

Today I looked, really looked, at the plastic capsules I dumped in the bin.


The fact that this plastic was going to stay in the earth for OVER 500 YEARS until it might degrade smacked me in the face.

I know there are some other solutions that may have worked (maybe I could have found a metal reusable pod that was compatible with the machine), but at the end of the day, it was still about buying ‘more stuff’ and being more of a consumer needing some new thing, rather than considering the simpler alternative…

Hello plunger.


No electric coffee machine. No plastic pods. No longer exclusively tied to Aldi’s capsules to fit the machine. I can buy coffee beans from anywhere to use in the plunger.

So today the coffee pod machine has been packed up. Bye bye.

Tomorrow will be the beginning of plastic-free plunger coffee. And what it may lack in expresso style, will be more than made up in my personal knowledge that I am respecting the planet.

I’ve got a long list of things I still need to change and do before I can confidently say I feel I am doing enough for our planet to sleep at night. But today I reached the point of nausea where I felt I could no longer ignore my deliberate blindness.

This post is not intended to shame. Some people may think that when things like this are shared, it is done to shame others. I wrote this post because I believe we need to talk more about our consumeristic addictions and plastic obsessions. And we all need to question them. I believe if we all keep the dialogue going and reassess what little things we can do to reduce our environmental impact, it will all add up to something significant.

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.




I’m loving the smell of the freshly ground coffee beans in the plunger…



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