What makes you pretty?

Today was today. It wasn’t extraordinary.  It wasn’t ordinary.

One thing stood out that made me stop and check. Check to breathe. Check to thank the universe that I am here and living and experiencing and all those things that make us human.

That thing was this…

Whilst driving my girls to pre-school this morning I had this conversation with Miss 5…

Miss 5: “Mummy, does it hurt when you get earrings put in your ears?”

Me: “Well, some people think it hurts and some people don’t think it hurts. Everyone has different opinions.”

Miss 5: “Did it hurt you when you got your earrings?”

Me: “I don’t remember it hurting so much… I remember my brain kept telling me it was strange a piece of metal was being shot through my ear lobe to make a hole to wear the earrings in. And I think because I let my brain go crazy thinking all sorts of crazy stuff, that’s why I fainted afterwards”.

{Yes, this was probably too much information}

Miss 5: “You FAINTED? What! You fell over?!”

ANYWAY the conversation continued for some time (it is a long drive) about the device that is used to pierce the earlobe (“Exactly mummy, tell me EXACTLY mummy how they put the earring in the ear?”)


After Miss 5 had some quiet contemplation about it all, she questioned me:

Miss 5: “Why did you decide to get your ears pierced mummy?”

Me: “Well, I suppose I thought that having my ears pierced would make me pretty”.

Miss 5: “Mummy, oh mummy. You need to know that having your ears pierced doesn’t make you pretty. You are pretty just the way you are.

And that, THAT, was today’s crowning moment.

Elisha x

P.S. Whilst writing this blog post, my husband continued to interrupt me, asking what I was doing. {Can I just have 10 mins to do something without someone asking me where I am, or what I am doing, or if I can help them?!}
I told him I was trying to use the tiny moment of time I had in between demands from children and work to write a post as I wanted to keep things fresh on this website.
He decided he would then continue to torture me with my use of the word ‘fresh‘. And for the next 10 minutes, kept poking his head into our study asking if I wanted to “get fresh”.
I needed to document that for prosperity. The important things, you know?


#whatmakesyoupretty #strongisthenewskinny #youarebeautifuljustthewayyouare 

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