The Year of Magic – The Family Caravan & Driving Adventure – Doing “A lap of Australia”

Last year we had a magic year when our family did “a lap” of Australia. We drove an entire lap, following the coast clockwise, of our incredible country. We left Sydney in November 2012 and drove back into Sydney in late October 2013.

I keep thinking we’ve only just got back home. But 2014 is zooming past in record time.

To cure my nostalgia, I’ve put together all the blog posts written during our trip…

The first post I wrote was during our preparations (so much to do! Tidy up our home for the house sitters; prepare our businesses for our absence; consider the childrens’ needs during our time away from home… et al, etc, blah blah blah). You can read that post here.

The second post I wrote was about more preparations (boring!!). BUT I did mention that I had not previously written a will and given we were about to embark on quite the off-road adventure, getting our affairs in order did seem important. You can read that post here.

Our first few weeks were difficult. Our camper kept breaking in spectacular style (so much so that 2 months later we traded it in for a better model, but that’s another story). Plus our children were plagued with all sorts of random illnesses (read that post here).

Finally we made it to Tasmania. We visited the North-West first (The Enchanted Forest & The White Peacock, Chinese Laundry, odd socks & The Nut, Mr Rose’s epic surf adventure, ). Then we moved across Cradle Mountain territory to the cute little town of Snug, south of Hobart. We settled here to spend Christmas (read here). We went across to Bruny Island for Boxing Day (read here).

I’ve just realised that if I continue on this current path of writing about where we went all the way around Australia, state by state, this will be a very long blog.

So I will wrap it up and give you the summary version:

Click here for my tips and tricks for travelling with children (written 2 months in to our trip. I should update this to say that as kids spend more time in the car and grow older, the electronic factor cannot be underestimated.)

Click here to read my post “Bohemian Me” – an ode to the bohemian spirit that came to life during our adventure and my first attempts at ‘selfies’.

If you click HERE you will go to the page on my Mum Tricks blog with all my Aussie Trip blog posts.

Elisha x

P.S. If you ever think you would like to do a trip like this: DO IT! Yeah, yeah, there are lots of buts and ifs and logistics to plan and finances to consider. I can promise you this: there will be no regrets and incredible memories.

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