The best running music: get your booty on!

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Be a dag. It’s real fun.

I find music essentially motivating for running sessions. Sometimes I can be labouring with my running, then a new song comes on and -bam- my pace picks up in an instant!
There are actually a lot of studies done linking music to movation. Some songs can speak to your soul and evoke emotional responses. So find the songs that get you moving, loving life, smiling – and turn them into a play list for your next run.

I’m not a fan of the fast pace nightclub songs without much meaning. I find the repetitive “dush dush” noise that is characteristic of that music stressful. I like to treat running as my release time (I can’t sit still, and running is my type of meditation) and I prefer fun melodic song with vocals to get me moving!
My favourite songs to run to at the moment include:
“What do you mean?” by Justin Bieber (yeah, I know, the Biebs. But this song is really catchy!)
“Gold” by Kiiara (the intro makes me want to swing my hips and do these weird wave dance moves. So cool, I love it)
“Hold On” – I quite like the Walk Off the Earth version of this. Lyrics ‘hold on’ are particularly good for interval training when you are telling yourself to just ‘hold on’ 30 more seconds!!
“Everybody’s Free To Feel Good” by Rozalla. An oldie but a goldie.
“Are you with me” by Lost Frequencies. The pace of this song works well with my running cadence and I love how this song rolls on.
“Wake Me Up” by Avicii. Another quicker beat to keep your legs turning over 😉
“Summer” by Filous always seems to travel into the depths of my soul. I love the intro and her voice!

Finally, some of my favourite cool down songs (or music for slower sessions):
“Waves” by Mr Probz. Another soul enterer
“Show Me Love” by Sam Feldt. Although this is also great for running to. Such a beautiful song!
“Look at where we are” by Hot Chip. A great chance for you to reflect on where you are with your training, your life in general, is there anything you want to change? If so, go about designing it to happen 😊

Happy music training 🎶

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