The all time most popular Mum Tricks blog posts

So, it seems the term ‘mumpreneur’ is up on the rise lately. And somehow I have found myself in the midst of the 2014 AusMumpreneur Awards. WEIRD!

Weird because for my part being a mum and doing my business(es) thing(s) is/are  part and parcel of how I roll. I love to create. Some of my businesses are profitable, some are not. I just love thinking, pondering, inventing, conceiving new ideas – whether it’s just a recipe or a whole new business venture. And fortunately I have had the opportunity bring some of them to reality. Mum Tricks is one of those things. As I’ve said before, it’s not a business for profit, Mum Tricks is my own cathartic outlet and my playground for learning to write and exploring the world of blogs and social media (which is a total head spin).

A vote or two my way for the AusMumpreneur awards won’t damage my pride, although asking for it has. Click here to vote.

As a tribute to my nomination, I thought I would find out what the most popular blog posts on Mum Tricks are. These are the most googled and read posts:

1. The Secret of pumpkin is all in the skin. 2,408 views for this little cold weather pumpkin soup recipe – LEAVE THE SKIN ON!

2. More homemade yummy healthy ice blocks. Over a 1000 views for our Cool Kiwi Surprise and Rocking Rockmelon ice blocks.

3. Sorry Donna. I made some changes to your chic brownie recipe. This has been read over 1190 times and shared more than 1000 times! Swap out some fat and add in some fibre and nutrients for this recipe.

4. Food Allergies, Food Intolerances & The Elimination Diet: the best books according to me. 1151 views and almost 911 shares. A go to of the best books to get information and recipes on how to deal with food issues for children and adults.

As much as technology drives me insane, I will admit that the internet is an amazing thing when it comes to information sharing.


Elisha x

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