Stop it! I am NOT old enough to have been married 10 years…

MARRIED TEN YEARS? No! But somehow it is true.

On March 11, 2005, I married an incredible man. It was such a happy day and I love the adventures we have living together.


Years ago my father-in-law told me that life flies by quicker as you get older. I didn’t really get the full impact of that statement at the time. Now, as I grow older, it does truly seem that life is progressing at fast forward. More the reason to press pause now and again…

Recently some guests at our wedding told me that the seedlings we gave them at our wedding have grown into beautiful shrubs in their garden. That’s so nice to hear, thank you.


Here is my glamour shot moment, when the wind caught my veil.


**Aaaahhhh** Memories are so precious.

Happy 10th wedding anniversary babe.

Do you think life goes quicker as you get older?



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