MEGA Mums is coming to Sydney!

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Mums Exercise Group Australia (MEGA) is celebrating its launch in Sydney… And I’m honoured to be involved in launching it! Thank you to MEGA’s founder Jennelle for giving me the opportunity to be involved in rolling MEGA out in Sydney.
In short, MEGA is like a massive fun, friendly mothers’ group for fitness. It provides a platform for mothers to meet up with other mothers for a walk, a boxing session, any exercise they want to do, and is child friendly as needed! Fitness sessions are either free or low cost. It’s about inspiring and motivating each other to live active lifestyles and reap the rewards of doing so.
MEGA aims to be involved in the greater community by involvement and support of causes that are meaningful to the members with a focus on those that promote health, safety and equality for women.

Here’s the link to the MEGA Sydney Facebook group
So please, join your other mum friends and share the word that MEGA has landed in Sydney! Please don’t be shy in posting in this group to find other mums in your immediate area to meet up for a workout. That’s what this group is all about, after all!

You can read more about MEGA in this article. 


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