Keeping It Real – Episode 4 – Starting school, head lice and the over-complication of life

As of 1st February 2015, I was officially a school mum. Truth be told, I was really excited about reaching this milestone as much as Miss 5 was.

Today is the end of week 4 and whilst Miss 5 is still smitten with school, I’m not sure if I’m up for the task of managing everything that needs to be managed for my school child.

Let’s just take a quick overview of the programs/systems/communication channels already requiring adherence:

1. Facebook group for the kindergarten class
2. Various emails doing the rounds for the kindergarten class
3. Phone app that must be accessed to read the newsletter.
4. Online canteen system (which is convenient, I will admit)
5. Online registration for Mathletics
6. Premier’s Reading Challenge log
7. The magic words system for reading words and Jolly Phonics or something for sounds
8. Wave cards for accumulating House Points and some other cards for earning bronze/silver/gold certificates. There are reward systems left, right and centre!
9. Personal reading log book. Originally I tried to ignore this book, but then learnt that if I didn’t complete it, Miss 5 was missing out on stickers. So now I fill it out. The stickers are forthcoming.

Sports uniform on Tuesdays. Library bags on Thursdays. Food for recess and lunch EVERY DAY! Don’t forget this Friday are school photos – be sure to complete this envelope with money! Oh, and go to the office for your 100point ID Working With Children Check if you are going to be hanging around the kids at all.

For those of you who are already school mums  you are probably going, “Yeah, sure, so?” . For those of you with more than one child at school… I really don’t know how you do it. Truly.

Let me make clear that I do not take blame with the school or Miss 5’s teacher, to date both have been nothing but friendly and welcoming. My point is, I’m not sure where along the line society accepted complicated as the norm.

It used to just be correspondence by mail. Then telephone. Now, you’ve got to be logging into email, apps, social media, there are several mediums to keep up communications on top of all the normal paper. EXHAUSTING, I say.


:: :: :: :: :: ::

School has already introduced us to the world of head lice. Didn’t take long. Day 3 in fact. The nits experts out there will probably point out that Miss 5 had the nits before school started if they were found on Day 3. EMBARRASSING.

Even more embarrassing is that it took me almost 2 hours to pick Miss 5 up from school (where she had been quarantined to the office) because I ignored the phone call from the school (on the basis that I didn’t recognise the number). I’ve now got the school number programmed into my phone. Bad, bad mother.

Then it turned out I had head lice too.

In desperation, I called in an expert nit picker. The lovely Deb from She sorted every head in the house out.  Worth every penny.

(I’m itching now just as I type this. Those feral little creatures.)

:: :: :: :: :: ::

Since the head lice episode, Miss 5 has been going to school with my ‘nit proof’ hair styles. Namely, a very tight hairdo with excessive amounts of hairspray.

There was no breaking this rule for school photos today. Sorry Miss 5, but little did you know your mother wasn’t prepared to risk having to comb through your hair again for the sake of letting your gorgeous glossy, long hair out for school photos. I did make a concession with creating a fancy braid…


As this is a “Keeping It Real” episode, I will confess, no matter how arrogant this may sound: I might not be doing all that well in the school mum organisational stakes, but if they gave out awards for fancy hairstyles done in record time, that award would be going to me today! I wonder what that sticker would look like?

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