If you are waiting for a sign in life to mix things up or to do something different… HERE IT IS! Let’s try something new. #50daysoffirsts

If you are waiting for a sign in life to mix things up or to do something different… HERE IT IS! Let’s try something new. #50daysoffirsts

There’s no experience like doing something for the first time. Sometimes it’s daunting, sometimes it’s revitalising, but it’s an unforgettable experience either way.

I’d like to invite you to try something new every day for 50 days – join me in a world full of ‘firsts’‪#50daysoffirsts‬

This is a world full of inspiration, challenge, excitement and surprise. Be it small and priceless; or boundary-breaking, breath-stopping moments of awe. New experiences in YOUR life.

They could be little quiet moments of personal joy, or joy given to other people. They could be moments with far-reaching consequences. Perhaps they are life-changing moments.

This is an opportunity for YOU to do some of those things you have always considered but never done; and a time to consider what you would like to do that you have never before considered.

It’s not a competition. It’s not a race. It’s just you exploring new things for the first time, for 50 days in a row. It is likely to be 50 of the most incredible days you have ever had.

Start your 50 Days Off Firsts now. There is no registration, no fees, no magic in getting started. Maybe you are not ready to start today – start when you feel ready – don’t leave it too long though! Make a promise to yourself to try something new every day for 50 days. Inspire others to do the same by posting the new thing you do everyday with the hashtag #50daysoffirsts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, your blog, where-ever or however you wish (or you might want to keep it to yourself in your own personal journal – it’s up to you).

Let’s start a movement. A movement of 50 days of firsts.

I’ll be posting here on the elisharose.com blog & facebook pages, as well as on the 50daysoffirsts facebook page, if you want to follow along with me 😉

Enjoy your #50daysoffirsts.

Some ‘firsts’ I’ve enjoyed recently include:

*Making a terrarium

*My first cinema experience with my youngest daughter (she was speechless in awe of it!)

*Quad bike riding

*Making a paper mache volcano with the kids – then having it erupt with a vinegar / bicarb soda formula!

And sometimes, it is just a simple first – the other day I tried persimmon for the first time and the week before I jogged a different way on my normal running route. Each time it’s a fun, new experience 😊

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