From Mexico to Cambodia – Who would have thought?

I believe that when an opportunity is presented to you, there is always a learning experience and memories to take away from it. And, hopefully, someone or something in the world is left in a better state for you having taken up that opportunity. Sometimes those opportunities do not fall in your lap and you have to go search them out. Regardless of how it first starts, I am grateful for these opportunities.

Last year my opportunity was to participate in the World Triathlon Championships in Mexico. That was amazing. Incredible. I loved every minute of it.

2016 World Triathlon Championships, Mexico

This year, whilst I’m still enjoying the swim-ride-run training as part of an active, healthy lifestyle, I’ve chosen not to commit to many races as I wish explore some other things.

That’s my preamble for sharing a new opportunity that has been presented to me…

Together with a few other friends, we are fundraising to build a new school in Battambang, Cambodia and to fit it with all the equipment and materials it will need to help the local children thrive.

Then in August, after all the successful fundraising is done (because it will be done), I am travelling (self funded) to Cambodia with these friends to witness the results of the fundraising – i.e. the new school! – and meet the children that will be using it.

We call it ‘The School Project’ and it’s in connection with the grassroots organisation Global Village Housing, founded by Australian Jason Thatcher.

Whilst there is poverty and dire needs all over the globe, this is the current opportunity that has been presented to me and I’m taking it with open arms.

Does any of this resonate with you? The idea of building a space for children to feel safe in and have their lives enriched with (at least) a basic education? If so, may I ask that you:

  1. Please like our Houses4Cambodia Facebook page and share it with your friends:
  2. Save the Date Friday 12th May – the fabulous fundraising dinner – 3 courses, unlimited drinks & entertainment at the beautiful Ottimo House in Sydney. Click here for event details.

  3. Support the cause – come to the fundraising dinner or standby to find out how to purchase a ‘School Pack’ of essential items that we can donate to these children. More details to follow!

  4. Learn more at and we are also collaborating with Sunrise Cambodia, which you can learn more about here


If you told me a few years ago that I’d be competing at Worlds in Mexico one year and building a school in Cambodia the next, I probably would have thought it was a fairytale.

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