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Funky Food Boxes For ChildrenFunky Food Boxes are all about making healthy, simple food exciting and fun for children.
Research has shown that food that is more visually attractive (namely colourful and well presented) is much more likely to be eaten by children than food that is presented in a dull fashion.
Maybe you are thinking “Oh, it’s just too much effort!” I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t need to be. Most of my Funky Food Boxes require no cooking and minimal fuss food. It just looks funky and fancy because of the bento-style box it’s presented in! You can buy $2 versions or $90 versions of these boxes. View the great value bento lunch boxes I sell here. Or you can present the same food on a plate.
These photos show lunch boxes that I pack for my children (currently aged 6 years and 4 years). ‘Like’ the Funky Food Boxes Facebook page to see more lunch box photos.
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Did you know?Funky Food Boxes For Children
* 1 in 4 Australian children are obese or overweight? (Reference is here)
* Children are much, much more likely to eat healthy food when it’s presented to them in a fun, colourful manner?
Click here to view another a great website (Healthy Kids) with ideas and information about childrens’ nutrition




Funky Food Boxes For Children
Funky Food Boxes For ChildrenFunky Food Boxes For Children





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