Lifestyle Medicine Eating Plan eBook

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The plan to help you reduce the inflammation in your body so you can live a happier and healthier life!

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Written by Garry Egger with Anja Sussmann, Sebely Pal, Joanna McMillan and Shivaun Conn. A workbook of The Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association.

The eBook comes with tasty sample recipes, a weekly meal plan and suggestions for other evidence-based lifestyle behaviours for good health. It aims to reduce the inflammation response in our bodies by listing and incorporating only anti-inflammatory foods. Its authors include some of the most experienced and best-known health and nutrition specialists in the country, with over a century’s collective experience in interpreting and communicating nutrition research.

The ALMA eating plan is not meant to be a ‘diet book’ as such, but a guide for improving health and the environment in the modern world. Based on recent scientific findings relating to the body’s evolved reaction to certain foods, the plan is focused around a newly discovered form of inflammation (in the arteries and organs of the body), which can lead to long-term chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancers.

CONTENTS (82 pages)

Chapter 1 Introduction: Why another ‘diet’ book?

Chapter 2 The inflammation story

Chapter 3 The discovery of ‘metaflammation’

Chapter 4 An anti-inflammation eating plan

Chapter 5 The underlying basis of ‘metaflammation’

Chapter 6 Some controversial foods and precautions

Chapter 7 What you can expect from an anti-inflammatory diet

Chapter 8 The anti-inflammatory lifestyle

Chapter 9 Supplements and their role

Chapter 10 Summing up

Appendix A — An example ALMA Meal Plan

Appendix B — Recipes


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