Beat The Binge eBook – The 8 Step Guide

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Welcome to an exciting new way of achieving food freedom and lifelong weight control!

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Welcome to an exciting new way of achieving food freedom and lifelong weight control!

The highly successful healthy weight and lifestyle program developed by Dr. Garry Egger and Dr. John Stevens, that is used in medical centres all over Australia, has now been launched in the form of an eBook. This is so that women all over the world can experience this unique way to lose weight, improve their health and get rid of binge eating forever. In this program we work through many fundamental stepping stones that is involved in achieving food freedom and lifelong weight control.

  • Do you struggle with losing weight?
  • Does your relationship to food feel like a never-ending battle?
  • Are you tired of dieting?
  • Do you feel guilty after eating?
  • Want to learn more about what is actually healthy?
  • Do you feel like you’ve tried everything but nothing works?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this eBook will be of great help to you!

Included in this eBook:

8 chapters (100 pages!) filled with evidence-based guides to change your habits, start living healthier and rid yourself of the vicious cycle!
Sample meal planner + an anti-inflammatory/pro-inflammatory foods list
Quizzes, workbooks and frameworks to help you in your journey
Access from anywhere
Personalized plan – Questionnaires to identify your eating type, your exercise type, coping type AND techniques for each type.
Life-changing techniques and tools

Being accredited by Australian Society of Lifestyle Medicine and having received a grant from the Australian government to introduce these programs in medical centres all over Australia, we are confident we will be able to help you. We will look at eating habits, exercise, stress, sleep, external factors and other influences so that you can feel confident and can reach your goals. We are passionate about clearing the confusion about what is healthy by providing these evidence-based programs, founded by researchers Dr. Garry Egger and Dr. John Stevens.


The unique factors for the LMS Beat The Binge program are:

• It’s a scientifically accurate, Lifestyle Medicine based program

• It uses health, and not just weight as measures of improvement

• There are no diets, no calorie counting, no set exercise programs (but there are guides for how to get started!)

• It uses the Lifestyle Medicine Society Eating Plan

• It uses meal replacements and movement sensors (only if desired)

• It’s based around long-term weight loss with calculated realistic goals (not


Meet Dr. Caroline West – One of our brand ambassadors

Karon’s Success Story

Karon McKendrick was one of the first to trial the Lifestyle Medicine Society program in 2016. This is what she had to say about her experience.

“My journey is not about what I have lost as much as it is about every what I have found!
OK, OK, so of course there has been in my mind (and body) a fairly significant change. I have been overweight my whole adult life and even at school was always “big”. Yes, I can and have lost and put on many times usually by either heavy exercise which is harder as I get older and / or major diet restrictions which are not sustainable for any length of time.

So, doing the 16 week Lifestyle Medicine Society program, what did I lose? I lost 20kg. And this is what I have found:

• It’s possible to lose weight, even with minimal effort but enjoyable with more.
• It’s not hard, I usually train twice a week and try and get to a Zumba class as well. But I am not here at the gym morning and night as that’s not something my lifestyle allows.
• The Lifestyle Medicine Society program reminds me of the things I should know (and do after 20+years weight yoyo-ing) and it’s broken down into digestible sessions.
• My weight has never gone up on the scales the whole 6 months since finishing the program which shows it works. It really is mind over matter and you can slip so long as you get up again.
• Found a whole new/old wardrobe to which is great, just need to update a few essentials – you know – shoes, bags, tops, pants! From a tight 20 to a neat 16 in my work pants! My clients make comment too which is nice.
• Found more family time! Yep, me joining the gym has given me more family time as now we occasionally go out for a walk along the beach or a hike in the hills. We really live in a special part of the world so I get my two teenage boys and hubby away from the screens. I did say occasionally! All in all, I am happy that I can still
pull my weight (well maybe not yet) with them.
• Found the more weight that comes off the easier and more comfortable my body is I have more movement/ flexibility and energy and much less pain. I am on the way to running around more.

My journey is not over yet I still have another 20kgs to go, but this is a very good start and I am willing to give it a good go. What will I find? Health and a sense of achievement, a fit body that has less pain and let’s not forget a new wardrobe (but don’t tell my hubby).”


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